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Tink Parties is a professional children, teen, adult and corporate party planning service.




Our  vision is to create inventive party idea’s that deliver smiles and fun for both children and adult.


The aim is to think outside the box and put together a memorable and magical party for your child, teen, young adult, business or even for you!


Meticulous attention to detail is offered to try and deliver the dream party you are looking for, we are dedicated and have a passion for parties and a flair for creativity.


We believe childhood is a magical time, and that taking time out to celebrate our children’s birthday affirms that they are truly special and dearly loved.


There is nothing quite as thrilling as a child’s birthday party.


Birthday parties are an ideal opportunity to focus attention on that special child, to enchant, have fun together and create cherished memories.


We know how difficult and time-consuming it can be to come up with suitable ideas and to put together a memorable birthday party.


We try to make it easier and less time consuming for parents to plan and prepare a magical party for their child.


We deliver a party service with the utmost attention to detail that promises to indulge the imagination of any child.


We understand the demands that most parents face and try to offer parents peace of mind, by working closely with the leaders in the industry and supplying

the absolute A-Z of any kids, teen and adult parties.


Whether its advising on creative themes, supplying décor, catering or party packs, sourcing entertainment, supplying cakes and invitations and more –


You don’t have to spend thousands of rands or have a party that will  be a financial burden to you,  customize your child’s party to suit your budget.


We have successfully managed corporate kiddies entertainment events of up to 500 children.


We hope you enjoy browsing through this website... and we look forward to making your event a special memory!



Melanie Schiffer